Perimeter Protection – DHA Raya Lahore

Defence Raya Golf & Country Club is a result of a joint venture between Defence Housing Authority Lahore & Bandar Raya Developments Berhad Malaysia. DRGCC consist of Pakistan’s first golf resort and housing community.

Integrated Security Project Scope

SMS-ESS  was tasked to provide an overall secure environment for the residents. A combination of surveillance and perimeter protection was integrated to provide round the clock security.

Vehicle Access control System

Designed & implemented a fully automated access control system with integrated road barriers & road blockers. Residents access through RF ID tags.

CCTV Connectivity

A comprehensive surveillance cover was provided for the entire community. A novel option of wireless connectivity has been used instead of Optical fiber cable to bring down costs and implementation time. A point to point topology has been designed for the purpose.

Control Room

SMS-ESS has designed and delivered a “Command & Control Center” for the project for early incident detection and response.


Control room operations related training has been imparted for operators from SMS-ESS qualified trainers.


To ensure smooth system operations, the project is under maintenance contract of SMS-ESS.