We are offering state-of-the art Satellite Vehicle Tracking Solutions to cater to the vehicle security and Fleet Management requirements of our customers. The GPS based system is linked through the GSM/GPRS network and enables us to track vehicles throughout Pakistan. Through this system, it is possible to control and protect client’s vehicles and their drivers as well as raise productivity and lower costs. Our comprehensive “on the ground” network complements this service effectively as we do not have to rely on any outside agencies for support in case of emergency/alarm. Currently we have our 24-hours operational control rooms in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

  • We also provide Fleet Management Interface through which the client can manage all their Fleet online in real time.
  • Trip Replay
  • Active Tracking
  • Unit Controller
  • Vehicle Disablement
  • Dispatcher
  • Driver Profiling
  • Creation of Points of Interest and downloading of Geo-fence
  • Fuel Management
  • Location Finder
  • Routing and Optimization
  • Onboard Navigation